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Our Process

As a standard, J Rudny carefully examines projects and creates each of our custom solutions by applying an eight-step process. Our process is defined as:

Our Process


By utilizing our 8-step process, we are able to collaborate with our clients through the entire project, gaining approval and acceptance every step of the way.  This process maximizes client participation and provides for a successful solution.

  1. Exploration

It is always best practice to start with a complete plan. Therefore, during our initial step of Exploration, we spend time learning about our client, their business, and processes. Through this step, we conduct discussions with our client, research the client from the visitor / prospect perspective, analyze the existing site experience and analytics all in an effort to fully understand and document all project details, user needs, and client needs. Read more about Exploration.

  1. Architecture

Whether we are planning frontend designs or backend applications, interactive sites thrive around relationships. The purpose of Architecture is to map all relationships within the project, backend systems, third-party integrations, and custom applications. Through this step, we are able to inventory, connect relationships, and provide a positive user experience. Read more about Architecture

  1. Design

Proper Design is the success of all interaction-based projects. During this step we explore the creative possibilities of the project while keeping project requirements and user experience in mind. The result provides our client with creative and innovative options that are aesthetically pleasing and functional to the user. Read more about Design.

  1. Development

Coding, testing, motion, interaction, data flow…the Development step is where it all comes together.  Production is at its highest during and the solution is becoming a reality. The final solution planning is implemented , tested and refined to create a positive user experience throughout the solution. Read more about Development.

  1. Assurance

In the Assurance phase the solution is nearing completion. The solution is tested for the highest level of ease-of-use, device and platform compatibility, accessibility, mobility, and search coverage. Final rounds of production adjustments are completed, tested and sent tot he client for review and approval. Read more about Assurance.

  1. Activation

It’s GO time! Once approval has been received from the client, the solution is ready for Activation. The final solutuon is launched to the public and monitored for uptime, errors, and adjustments from this day forward. Read more about Activation

  1. Education

Once the solution is activated, J Rudny takes time to educate our clients on site features and functionality. Making sure our clients have a complete understanding of the inner and outer workings of the solution. Whether your team is hands off or dive right in, our goal is to provide as much Education and resources to make best use of your time. Of course, we will still be available when you need us! Read more about Education.

  1. Maintenance

Whether it involves updating content or developing new applications and features, our solutions are always evolving. Once the solution is activated, J Rudny provides 30 days of free support to help remedy any missed details. In addition, J Rudny provides ongoing license, maintenance and support packages to properly maintain and monitor for the life of your solution and ensure your solution continues to grow. Read more about Maintenance


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